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We inspire, entertain, persuade and innovate. We are the Good Shepherd Entertainments Production, Distribution and Ad film making Company,Filmmaking is our fevour! We relish the entire creative process, right from story initialization to the gritty and maverick shoots and finally to ardently molding the end product into a film that is set to pulse among audience. We are first and foremost the audience and we ensure that we are in tune with the ever changing beat of the viewers.We strive to deliver delightful entertainers with an intelligent message that you are bound to take home with you With an incredible platform like the silver screen at our fingertips, we strive to be responsible and creative entertainers. will not only exceed expectations but stay within budget and deadline. Incredible platform like the silver screen at our fingertips, we strive to be responsible and creative entertainers.We handle every aspect of the process from conceptualization to post production and will not only exceed expectations but stay within budget and deadline. Good Shepherd Entertainments is specialized in providing cost-effective end-to-end Information Technology consultancy and Infrastructure solutions to a wide and varied clientele. Good Shepherd Entertainments Established by Mr. Siby Thomas. with a vision to provide real time practical expertise, the company is aimed to deliver 360 degree solutions from idea to implementation under one roof. we cater every need of our clients. We understand the power of virtual presence and know the problems that you may face to mark your presence on World Wide Web.


We strive to be a unique Production House with high level of Morals & Ethics. All our work and projects undertaken are backed by 100% Commitment from start to finish.We value our clients’ time, money & resources and work on a transparent budget which is self explanatory. To deliver the finest product and service experience, backed by innovation, people and processes. We try to create symbiotic relationships that drive mutual growth.
Our product is our promise and our commitment to clients. It’s achieved through teamwork, a firm knowledge of the industry and a resolute desire to turn vision into reality. We aspire to produce films that are a form of art-not merely to entertain, but to provoke emotion and reflection, incite action, and have long-lasting effects on thosewho experience them. Good shepherd entertainments works with all stakeholders to support the development and promotion of the indian film industry and hopes to create an industry that represents our nation’s aspirations and celebrates our diversity through the values of creativity, freedom of expression, entrepreneurship, equitable redress, and collaboration. Good Shepherd Entertainments will continue to create and distribute excellence and quality content through film, and multimedia entertainment source for today’s generation and generations to come worldwide.”


  • We aim to make the industry a Happy place to work and live.
  • We aim top self-distribute and market our films and Ads whenever possible.
  • We aim to make award-winning films that affect the society in positive ways.
  • To collaborate with all stakeholders to enable the development and promotion of a transformed and thriving audiovisual industry.
  • We aim to be the most productive, high-quality films and ads production company in our field at the least expensive cost.
  • We aim to keep our overhead low while maintaining an extraordinarily high standard of living for all company members and their families.
  • The ultimate goal is to be a world renowned, multi-faceted production company that inspires and upliftsnot only through dynamic and unique artistic endeavors, but through large “hands on” philanthropic works that have positive effects on societies. We don’t want to only donate money, our goal is to to create long lasting causes that spark change. Quite simply. . . Our Mission is to Support You on Yours.
  • Good Shepherd Entertainments is dedicated to delivering clients an affordable, innovative product while using the highest quality technology available on the market today.

integrity, Business Ethics& Fairness

Creativity and Unique Concepts & Effective Campaigns

Maximum value for Money and Timely Delivery

Corporate Social Responsibility Via Ethical Advertising

Our product is our promise and our commitment to clients